Living Healthy And Aging Well – May 22, 2021

Joe Del Vecchio, multiple franchise owner with Aerus and based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin serving throughout the Midwest, and Shannon Benson, senior air quality specialist with Aerus and based in Minnesota, join host Ken Haglind on “Living Healthy and Aging Well” radio show to talk about latest developments in air purification technology. Aerus is a company dedicated to making every home and business a healthy space for its occupants. Aerus is the company that created Active Pure, the premier air purification technology available today. Active Pure is used in many applications including the international space station, the Pentagon, the 9/11 museum and in many major league sports facilities. Joe has 37 years’ experience in the industry and his focus is on air quality testing and solutions for both homes and businesses. FDA certified lab testing has shown Active Pure to be effective in killing all viruses, including Covid-19, bacteria, mold and mildew – both in the air and on surfaces. Aerus offers free in home or business air quality testing and solution options. More information is available at 1-800-266-5921 or at