Living Healthy and Aging Well June 8,2024

Tamara Statz, owner and therapist at Vibrant Living Senior
Services, joins host Ken Haglind on the “Living Healthy and
Aging Well” radio show to share about the importance of
mental health care for older adults, their families, and
caregivers. In her private practice, Vibrant Living, Tamara is a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who focused on
working with adults individually or as family on issues related to
aging, caregiving, chronic and terminal illness, grief and loss,
and dementia. She is also an adjunct professor and board-
approved supervisor in MN and WI for therapists pursuing
independent licensure. Tamara envisions a world where older
adults are honored, valued, and supported as they go through
life in their later years. For more information visit: or call 612-790-7089.