Living Healthy and Aging Well June 19, 2021

Jennie Hoglund, a Certified Classical Homeopath, joins host Ken Haglind on radio show “Living Healthy and Aging Well” to discuss the benefits of Homeopathy. Jennie has a passion for bringing holistic health and healing to the world. Jennie’s life changed dramatically when she found relief from chronic fatigue and brain fog with Homeopathy, and she loved the patient-centered approach of this powerful yet gentle modality. Jennie is a graduate of the four-year training program at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, and is now a clinical instructor at NAH. In her private practice, Jennie specializes in helping people with issues like anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, digestive and autoimmune issues and more. To Jennie, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients find freedom, ease, and joy through homeopathy. Jennie was recently awarded “favorite place for holistic care” in the 2021 MN Women’s Press annual reader’s survey. You can find out more at or call 651-492-8387.