Living Healthy and Aging Well – June 11, 2022

Clarence Shannon, MD, Pain Program Director and Site
Principal Investigator for SKOAP at the Department of
Anesthesiology at the University of Minnesota, Candace
Nelson, Clinical Research Manager, and Alicia Bulleri, Clinical
Research Coordinator from the Dept. of Anesthesiology join
host Ken Haglind on “Living Healthy and Aging Well” radio show
to discuss the treatment of knee osteoarthritis and their large,
NIH study ‘SKOAP’, a multi-center study that consists of 2
phases. Phase 1 compares combinations of different
conservative treatments that include best practices for
osteoarthritis, the FDA-approved antidepressant duloxetine,
and an online pain-coping skills module. Phase 2 compares
three interventions/procedures for knee osteoarthritis: a joint
injection, a nerve block, and nerve ablation. For more
information about the study, please visit the study website at