Living Healthy and Aging Well – July 23, 2022

Andrew Lacy and Dr Raj Attariwala of Prenuvo, joins host Ken Haglind on “Living Healthy and Aging Well” radio show to talk about the coming transformation in preventative healthcare that will make a late cancer or disease diagnosis a thing of the past. Advanced MRI imaging, pioneered by Prenuvo, is right now peering inside the bodies of thousands of Minnesotans to construct a comprehensive picture of their health. This has resulted in life-saving early diagnoses of cancers, aneurysms and other conditions well before symptoms present. The vision of the company: an annual routine checkup of your entire body, giving you (i) empowering information so that you can take control of your health trajectory and (ii) peace of mind so you can stop worrying about your health and instead focus on living your best life. For more information visit: or call 833-PRENUVO or 833-773-6886.