Living Healthy and Aging Well December 19, 2020

Christy Marek, End of Life Doula and founder of Tending Life at the Threshold, joins host Ken Haglind to discuss the end of life doula role and how it is filling an essential gap in end of life care for the dying and their loved ones, even in this time of COVID. At the heart of Christy’s work is helping people to come into relationship with their mortality, to find some comfort in this uncertainty that all of us face, and in the end, to get as close as possible to the death that is most true to who they are and what is important to them. In addition to her work with dying individuals and families, Christy mentors those finding their way into end of life doula work, and coaches those who might not be ill, but are interested in engaging their inevitable mortality in order to live a more rich, full, meaningful life now and through the end of life. She speaks in the community on many topics about death and dying, grief and loss, she is an instructor through the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) training end of life doulas, and she is a founding board member of the local non-profit End in Mind, which uses the arts as a doorway into difficult conversations about living and dying well ( For more information about Christy and her work, visit Christy’s website: or reach out to her directly at: