Living Healthy and Aging Well April 30 2022

Mary McGreevy, Co-Founder of Epilogg, and Karen Vento join host Ken Haglind on the radio show “Living Healthy and Aging Well” to discuss how the Minnesota company Epilogg is changing the way we think about and create obituaries. Every day we use the internet to share rich stories of our lives. Unfortunately, in the end our colorful, interesting lives are reduced to a picture and a few words in the back of a newspaper. And that tiny box is expensive! Epilogg changes all of that. We created a free platform to share unlimited stories, photos, donation links, and celebration details. Epilogg brings control of the obituary into the hands of the consumer and lets you celebrate a life the way you want to, with no limits. The conversation touches on technology, social media, the idea of legacy, and how a proper life tribute can actually ease the grief process. We also dig into how a simple tool like Epilogg can make the work of caregiving professionals easier, with a value-added service that families adore. For more information, visit or email at