Living Healthy And Aging Well – April 24, 2021

Dr. Kristy Brecke, licensed therapist with a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy and Lisa Jensen, a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist are owners of Integrative Therapy Group located in Eagan, Minnesota and they join host Ken Haglind to talk about when we address the body’s health as a whole we see greater success and can transition from a reactive treatment plan to a proactive self-care/maintenance plan. Integrative Therapy Group was founded by two sisters over years of conversations about how interwoven physical and mental health are in their clients. You can’t feel healthy physically if you are ignoring your mental health, just as you also can’t feel healthy mentally if you are ignoring your physical health. They believe that if you truly want to get better you need to commit to both the healing of your mind and your body. With a combined 30+ years’ experience they decided to integrate their therapies so that people can feel the healing effects of taking care of their mind and body simultaneously. For more information visit or call 651-252-1410.