Living Healthy And Aging Well – April 10, 2021

Carolyn Kinzel, Founder and President of Brighter Days Family Grief Center, joins host Ken Haglind to share about this unique nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive support for families grieving the death or terminal diagnosis of a beloved family member. As the only Family Grief Center in the state of Minnesota, Brighter Days prides itself on being a compassionate resource for children, teens, young adults and adults of all ages. Since its inception in 2017, Brighter Days has evolved to offer a robust youth and young adult program, over 30 different types of support groups and meaningful events and workshops to create connections and honor loved ones. Brighter Days has partnered with over 60 grief and caregiver related organizations and has served almost 4000 individuals to date. With proven outcomes that demonstrate the importance of their unique model of care, the team at Brighter Days believes that families CAN heal together but must have individually tailored support in order to do so. For more information visit or call 952-303-3873.