I’m Awake – December 8, 2018

Join Robert Pilot, with a packed two hours of Native Roots Radio News and Native Roots Radio I’m Awake.
Shows includes:
WDSE/WRPT (Duluth Superior)
Mona Mar, Robert Sidenberg III and Lance Haavisto will talk about their Documentry St. Louis County is experiencing the most opioid overdoses compared to all other counties in Minnesota. We aim to answer why – in the first episode airing tonight. This six-episode miniseries by WDSE WRPT explores different aspects of the epidemic: 
1 – Tracing an Epidemic – The Roots of Opioid Use and Abuse 
2 – Stories of Addiction 
3 – Treatment – How Do We Judge what Works? 
4 – Law and Addiction – Enforcement and the Drug Courts 
5 – The Case – Accountability 
6 – Solutions – What’s Next?

Hour Two,
Wendy Pilot will be discussing this past weeks experience and testimony at the Saint Paul City Council hearing. A update from Courtney Cochran 

Curtis West giving us local native news and Ho Chunk News.