Frequently Asked Questions

How do I call in to the programs I hear on this station?

All contact information for the programming we carry can be found on our Contact Us page. Although most of our programming is live, some shows are re-broadcasts so check our schedule if you have trouble reaching a program.

Sometimes I have trouble tuning this station in. How can I get a clearer signal?

With your computer you can listen online from anywhere in Minnesota. Also there are several models of AM radio’s such as the GE Superadio that are specifically designed for improved AM reception. Give us a call and we will be happy to recommend one for you. We are always looking for opportunities to improve our coverage and we appreciate your listenership.

I want to become more involved with AM950. How can I help?

Becoming a member helps us spread the message and gets you great stuff! Volunteers are always appreciated, so give us a call or fill out a volunteer form online. Most importantly spread the word about this station. Flyers and bumper stickers are available on this website, or feel free to drop by the station and pick some up. We appreciate your support.

Are you a not-for-profit organization?

No. Unfortunately our political content necessitates our for-profit designation. For this reason your contributions to this station are not tax-deductible. JR Broadcasting LLC, the parent company of this station, appreciates your support, but does not take money to broadcast specific messages of any stripe, other than through our commercials and paid advertising on our website.