The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian

The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian

Sundays 2-3 PM

The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian is about creating discussions that curiously connect Teachers and Seekers on a wide range of topics.

Kelly and Brian collaborate in ways few can. Kelly from Edge Magazine brings the mystical, spiritual, and business background to the discussion. Brian from Know.Shift.Own, provides insight from years of experience in the Health, Marketing, and Financial arenas.

Through the conduit of being curious, our intention is for our conversations to spark your own curiosity to create a life that lights you up and inspires you to be kind, thoughtful and open-minded to yourself and others.

Few topics will be off-limits..and we have some amazing guests to share with you.

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The Being Curious Show with Kelly and Brian

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Jenny Sight – May 8, 2022

Multi-Dimensional Seer Viewer, Psychic Medium, Remote Viewer, Missing Person’s cases and Spiritual Speaker..YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT JENNY IS GOING TO DIAL IN WITH AN SAY NEXT. Her website: Home – JennysSight

Russell Mariani – May 1, 2022

Introducing Russell Mariani…Health Educator, Author, Speaker and Digestive Wellness Expert. He is also the founder of The Center for Functional Nutrition and knows A LOT about water. His Website is The Center For Functional Nutrition

Mary Newstrom – April 24, 2022

We talk with Mary Newstrom, PHD. She is a shaman, Teacher, Speaker, healer, and international guide of Cacao Ceremonies and shamanic studies. She owns Zenith High and her website is: Zenith High – achieve your highest good

Angela Zabel – April 17, 2022

Meet Angela Zabel. Speaker, Teacher, Coach and Medium who Offers classes and one on one sessions with clients all over the world This lady is dialed in here, there and everywhere. Her website is Angela Zabel Teacher | Coach | Medium

Keri Mangis (April 10, 2022)

We talk with KERI MANGIS a Transformation & Lifestyle Consultant | Speaker | Author & Freelance Writer | and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Her website is:  Home – Keri Mangis

Anne Pryor and Rise (April 3, 2022)

Anne Pryor (Lovitude Soul Painter) and Rise Kasmirski (Author “When Paradise Speaks”) is here to discuss their event UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE GIFTS FOR HEALING & TRANSFORMATION GUIDANCE FROM THE BEYOND AND RISË KASMIRSKI”on the shift network. Anne’s Website is: Home – Lovitude™ – Anne Pryor Lovitude Soul Painter

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