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Native Roots Radio Network

Weekdays 6-7 PM

Our Native American talk radio show will discuss national and local Native American news and events.

Local and national guest will help us keep current with Mother Earth, Tribal and Twin Cities issues.

Native American Issues are human Issues. We invite all people to walk hand in hand with our struggles, victories and achievements.

We need to all become AWAKE.

Listen to I'm Awake weekdays from 6-7 PM and the native symposium, We're Still Here, Sundays 6-8 PM.

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I’m Awake – January 14, 2021

On today’s show we get a news update from Ogima, Robert Lilligren talks national and MN politics with Robert and Wendy, and Wendy closes the show with her sacred animals segment.

NRR Presents: I’m Awake

The crew discusses Trump’s 2nd impeachment, Line 3, and more! The hosts are joined by Joe Vital and Bob Lake.

I’m Awake – January 12, 2021

Ogima with the news; Taysha has an update from FDL, and Nancy joins for her Tuesday visit; Wendy updates us on a sad story from Florida and a manatee mutilated by Trump supporters.

I’m Awake – January 11th, 2021

I’m Awake – January 8th, 2021

NRR I’m Awake For Thursday, January 7th 2020

Robert, Wendy, and Ogima are joined by Robert Lilligren to discuss the storming of the Capitol, Line 3, and more!

NRR I’m Awake For Wednesday, January 6th 2020

Robert, Wendy, and Ogima are joined by Robert Blake of Red Lake Solar Bear.

I’m Awake – January 3, 2021

Updates from Turtle Island with Ogima, Robert, and Wendy; Dan Jourdain and Nancy Beaulieu check in with more in-depth looks at what’s happening with Line 3 and the city of Bemidji.

Native Roots Radio – January 4, 2021

Dr. Antony Stately and Emma Harrison Join Robert Pilot, Wendy Pilot Emma Needham

NRR I’m Awake For Wednesday, December 30th 2020

Robert and Wendy close out Pilot’s Progressive Party! Robert and Wendy are joined by guests Robert Lillagren and Dave Hutchinson.