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Do you believe in ghosts? Ever wondered if aliens from other planets visited the Earth? Have you ever thought about whether Bigfoot is real or not? Each week on GhostBox Radio host Greg Bakun will have these conversations about the paranormal, ufology, Bigfoot or just the unusual bringing together guests who are experts in these fields. Tune in every Sunday at 4 PM for GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun on AM950...even if you’re a skeptic!

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Ghost Box Radio January 17 2021

Guest Oane provides single-question tarot card readings.

GhostBox Radio for Sunday, January 10th

Alexandra talks about her show, her family’s history with the paranormal, and gives us insights into a day in the life of a paranormal investigator!

GhostBox Radio for Sunday, December 20th

Greg is joined by Rob Gutroto discuss pets in the afterlife.

Ghost Box Radio – December 13, 2020

Medium and tarot reader Onae gives listeners one-question readings today.

Ghost Box Radio – November 29, 2020

Join Greg Bakun this week as his guest is Onae. She will not be doing one question readings this week (that will happen next week) but we will have a great conversation about what we are thankful for and the Power of Positivity. Onae is a Spiritual Life Coach and she has all sorts of…

GhostBox Radio for Sunday, November 15th

This week we are thrilled to have on Psychic Medium/Tarot Card Reader Onae. Onae will be taking calls, & e-mails from listeners to give them a one question psychic reading! Ask about finances, a new job or money! Onae is incredibly gifted and will be here to answer those questions! This is a highly interactive…

Ghost Box Radio – November 8, 2020

This week we talk about demon possession. Do you believe it can happen? We talk with William Dorian who had to deal with his daughter getting possessed by multiple demons and spirits at the same time! We talk about how had to deal with this and also talk about his outstanding book “The Holy Water…

Ghost Box Radio – November 1, 2020

This week we slightly move away from Paranormal as we talk with our special guest Pamula Pierce Barcelou. Her father Charles B. Pierce directed the cult favorite “The Legend of Boggy Creek” and Pamula was in it too! We will talk about her father, remastering the film and some of her paranormal experiences plus YOUR…

GhostBox Radio for Sunday, October 25th

This week we are thrilled to have the stars of the Travel Channel hit TV series Destination Fear with Dakota Laden, his sister Chelsea and their best friend Tanner. We talk about some of the scariest places that they investigated and why they keep doing it! There are plenty of ways to listen and take…

Ghostbox Radio – October 18, 2020