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Do you believe in ghosts? Ever wondered if aliens from other planets visited the Earth? Have you ever thought about whether Bigfoot is real or not? Each week on GhostBox Radio host Greg Bakun will have these conversations about the paranormal, ufology, Bigfoot or just the unusual bringing together guests who are experts in these fields. Tune in every Sunday at 4 PM for GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun on AM950...even if you’re a skeptic!

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Today’s Ghost Box Radio Greg and Psychic Medium/ Paranormal Investigator Char Savoie in studio talking about The future of Metamorphosis connections and Charvinity as Char is now the proud owner of both, to help the spiritual world and connect the people. Char speaks about a trip to the Villisca Axe Murder House that Char took…

GhostBox Radio – September 25, 2022

This week host Greg Bakun as he talks to Jenny Davis and Bonnie Gurney of Enchanted Boutique to talk about exciting changes to their store and some of the great Paranormal Adventures they have been on!

GhostBox Radio – September 18, 2022

GHOSTBOX IS ON THE ROAD !!!! Greg is with Tracer Fox at Hotel Josephine and Lake House in Holton Kansas. As featured on the Discovery+ showGhost Hunters Today’s epsiode recounts the history of Hotel Josephine and details of the investagations they completed the nights before the episode.

GhostBox Radio – September 11, 2022

Greg is joined by psychic medium Nicole Antoinette for one-question readings!

GhostBox Radio – August 28, 2022

Pamela Marie Topjian of HypnoTherapy Breakthrough is the guest today on GhostBox Radio. The Hypno Therapist has a broad range of aspects to help mind body and soul. The topic is not just about HypnoTherapy. Greg and Pamela also discuss a Paranormal dream that Pamela had that she has been looking for answers for. Does…

GhostBox Radio – August 21, 2022

Greg is joined by author Rob Gutro, author of Ghosts of the Birdcage Theatre.

GhostBox Radio – July 31, 2022

A paranormal chat with Greg Bakun today.

GhostBox Radio 7-24-22

This week host Greg Bakun is joined by a Caregiver as she explains some of the haunted & paranormal experiences she has experienced working at a Hospice.

GhostBox Radio – July 17, 2022

Greg is joined by Char Savoie today as Char gives one-question readings to listeners.

GhostBox Radio featuring guest Chase Kloetzke – June 26, 2022

Greg is joined today by Chase Kloetzke. Chase is a UFO investigator, Author and Radio Talk Show Host for Fate Magazine. As a recurring guest in the media and a Presenter, she is well known for her “Boots on the Ground” dedication to solving mysteries, one case at a time and lively interview exchanges.