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Do you believe in ghosts? Ever wondered if aliens from other planets visited the Earth? Have you ever thought about whether Bigfoot is real or not? Each week on GhostBox Radio host Greg Bakun will have these conversations about the paranormal, ufology, Bigfoot or just the unusual bringing together guests who are experts in these fields. Tune in every Sunday at 4 PM for GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun on AM950...even if you’re a skeptic!

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Ghost Box Radio – November 21st 2021

GhostBox Radio – November 7, 2021

A paranormal chat with Greg this week.

Greg Bakun and Onae with Matt – October 29, 2021

Greg Bakun and Onae join Matt from Danbury, CT where they will be seeing the original Annabelle doll. They also discuss their own paranormal exploration experiences and some misconceptions about their work. Catch GhostBox Radio on Sunday afternoons at 4 PM here on AM950 or anytime on our website.

GhostBox Radio – October 24, 2021

Greg;s guests are fellow Minnesota investigators John Marson and Becky Shaw, with a focus on the Anderson House in Wabasha, Minnesota along with their own stories.

Ghost Box Radio October 17 2021

Greg talks with guest medium Onae.

GhostBox Radio with Greg Bakun – October 3, 2021

Greg has a long and intimate conversation with Char Savoie of Collective Dimensions in Crystal. Collective Dimensions on Facebook

GhostBox Radio – September 26, 2012

Host Greg Bakun speaks with Kristina Rake, the Presiding Bishop of the American Apostolic Old Catholic Church who is currently teaching a course on demonology.

Ghost Box Radio – September 19th 2021

GhostBox Radio – September 12, 2021

Joseph Lani, the NYC Ghost Cop, joins Greg to discuss his experiences on 9/11 and his time working with the WTC wreckage and what he saw there.

GhostBox Radio for August 29, 2021

It’s a paranormal chat today with host Greg Bakun as we take your calls and comments all hour long!