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We’re generally aware of hopeless idealists, but how many of us have ever actually heard from one?

Ellie 2.0 is all about idealism and the journey of one particular idealist—Ellie Krug—as she works to make the world a better place.

Only, there’s a slight complicating factor: Ellie’s a 61-year-old transgender woman.

That simple demographic sometimes makes things particularly interesting. Or daunting.

Where does the “2.0” come in?

Because in another life, when Ellie presented as a man and worked for big corporations as a trial attorney—the nickname was “Killer Krug”—there was no place for idealism.

Today, remade as her “true” female self, Ellie’s become a doer and believer in humanity and the common good. As she likes to say, “Ninety-nine percent of us want to do the right thing; it’s just that most are afraid to do what’s right.”

Usually, Ellie’s not afraid and most of the time, she does what’s right. Come along as she tries to lead the way, traveling America to make our country whole and truly great for all and everyone.

Ellie 2.0.

Engaging. Imaginative. Fun. And real.

Every Saturday from 10:00-11:00 a.m. and Sunday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. CST by airwaves or livestream on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota

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Ellie 2.0 Radio – April 16, 2022

**This show originally aired April 27, 2020** This week I talk about the 50th anniversary of “Earth Day” and feature its architect, Denis Hayes. The Big Interview is with Diane Muntean, who I worked with to help training 1200 people in Steamboat Springs CO last September. In the C-Block I talk about the first Earth…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – April 9, 2022

In lieu of a featured idealist, I share from a 4.8.22 NYT piece titled, “How did LGBT Rights Again Become the Subject of a Culture War?” by David Leonhardt and Ian Prasad Philbrick. In particular, the authors theorize that Republicans briefly stayed away from attacking LGBTQ+ rights for fear of alienating younger voters. However, that…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – April 2, 2022

Our featured idealist is Reporters Without Borders, which works to bring truth and information in countries where there isn’t a free press. I also note that as of the date of my show, five journalists/reporters had been killed in Ukraine. I then pivot to talking about the on-going attacks against transgender people, particularly trans youth,…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – March 19, 2022

This week’s featured idealist is Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, whose idealism led him to run for president in 2019 and win with 73% of the vote. With his wartime videos, we’ve seen this comedic actor-turned president become the most inspirational figure of our time! The Big Interview is with Jeffrey Siminoff, Sr. Vice…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – March 12, 2022

Our featured idealist is Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson—her work to this point in her life points to a real idealist. The Big Interview is with Dean Holt, a Children’s Theater Company actor who appears in Something Happened in Our Town, a wonderful, thought-provoking play adapted from the children’s book with the same…

Ellie 2.0 February 26 2022

Ellie talks with Nick Alm about his organization advocating for the rights of transgender people in employment.

Ellie 2.0 Radio – February 19, 2022

Another live show, with our featured idealist being Baton Rouge native Gary Chambers, Jr., who is challenging John Kennedy for the Senate; last month, Chambers announced his candidacy by sitting in a stuffed chair in a farm field wearing a suit and smoking a blunt. He spoke about how black persons are arrested for marijuana…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – February 12, 2022

Another Live Show! The Big Interview is with Ellen Kennedy of World Without Genocide, a St. Paul nonprofit that works to educate about genocide and end it throughout the world. I then pivot to proposed legislation in Tennessee that would prohibit gender-affirming medical or therapeutic care for all minors in the state. I also highlight…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – February 5, 2022

A Live Show! We begin with our featured idealist, NFL football coach Brian Flores who this week filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL and three teams alleging that he was racially discriminated against. Brian explained that he understood his entire future coaching career is at risk, but said he was doing it for…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – January 29, 2022

We begin this week’s show talking about how there’s a push to ban books that make people “uncomfortable” or which contain “obscenity” (loosely defined as anything related to LGBTQ+ topics). Our featured idealists are four female Granbury, Texas high school students who bravely spoke out against their school’s efforts to review books for banning. The…