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We’re generally aware of hopeless idealists, but how many of us have ever actually heard from one?

Ellie 2.0 is all about idealism and the journey of one particular idealist—Ellie Krug—as she works to make the world a better place.

Only, there’s a slight complicating factor: Ellie’s a 61-year-old transgender woman.

That simple demographic sometimes makes things particularly interesting. Or daunting.

Where does the “2.0” come in?

Because in another life, when Ellie presented as a man and worked for big corporations as a trial attorney—the nickname was “Killer Krug”—there was no place for idealism.

Today, remade as her “true” female self, Ellie’s become a doer and believer in humanity and the common good. As she likes to say, “Ninety-nine percent of us want to do the right thing; it’s just that most are afraid to do what’s right.”

Usually, Ellie’s not afraid and most of the time, she does what’s right. Come along as she tries to lead the way, traveling America to make our country whole and truly great for all and everyone.

Ellie 2.0.

Engaging. Imaginative. Fun. And real.

Every Monday morning from 7:00-8:00 a.m. CST by airwaves or livestream on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota

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Ellie 2.0 Radio – September 30, 2019

The theme this week is females making a difference. I highlight Greta Thunberg, the sixteen-year-old Swedish climate protection activist who speaks truth to power. The Big Interview is with Stephanie Glaros of Humans of Minneapolis talking about her work around empathy building. In the C-Block, I share the story of a dad who regretted for…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – September 23, 2019

This week’s show starts with remembering the 9/11/71 death of Margaret Ann Knott in Choctaw County, Alabama and how it’s taken local leaders 48 years to acknowledge her sacrifice. The Big Interview is with Richard Johnson of Auto Technical Inc., a nonprofit that repairs automobiles and donates them to people in need; the catch is…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – September 16, 2019

It’s another hodgepodge show; we start off featuring Dorothea Lange, a 20th century photographer who used her camera as a tool for social change. The Big Interview is with Dan O’Neil, the executive director of PeaceMaker Minnesota, which is working to eliminate bullying and violence in schools. In my C-Block, I talk about upcoming talks…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – September 9, 2019

We cover enslaved people, historical and modern day. I feature Cudjoe Lewis, the second-to-last formerly enslaved African to die in the U.S. (in 1935); he had been abducted from his West African village and smuggled into Alabama in 1860. The Big Interview is with Marshall Tanick re: how enslaved people were brought to Minnesota with…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – August 26, 2019

This week’s theme is idealists in or about education. Our featured idealist is Erin Gruwell, who is the heroine of the movie, The Freedom Writers. The Big Interview is with Michael Ciresi, a prominent Minnesota attorney whose foundation, the Ciresi Walburn Foundation for Children, is working to highlight the horrific educational achievement disparities between white-color…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – August 19, 2019

Our idealist is Judge Damon Keith, the grandson of slaves, who was appointed to the federal bench in 1967 and ten years later elevated to the Court of Appeals. Judge Keith wasn’t afraid to speak truth to power and told both Richard Nixon and George Bush II that they had violated the Constitution. The Big…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – August 12, 2019

I’m back from my writing sabbatical with a great show! I highlight Ed Dwight, who should have been the first black-color astronaut but for discrimination in the 1960’s. The Big Interview is with Julieanna Richardson, founder and executive director of The HistoryMakers (https://www.thehistorymakers.org/ ), which has recorded 3000+ interviews of black-color humans trying to survive…

Scotty Herold Of Rock The Cause

Our historical idealist is Vera Connolly, a cutting edge investigative journalist of the 1920-50’s who wrote about Native children, immigrants and girls working in sweatshops. The Big Interview is with Scott Herold, who works to empower youth and humans through music and video. My C-Block covers something I witnessed at this year’s Pride event at…

Rev. Dan Collison of First Covenant Church

The show in part deals with religious pushback at religious intolerance; I start out by talking about how the Jesuits running Brefeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indiana refused an archdiocese order to fire a long-time teacher who happens to be gay. The Big Interview is with Minneapolis pastor Dan Collison, who has been defrocked by…

Ellie 2.0 Radio – June 24, 2019

It’s a hodgepodge show. I first speak about being on a panel of lawyers to discuss diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and how it’s important for straight, white-color cisgender men to step up and be allies to persons from marginalized communities. The Big Interview is with Michelle Seets of Minnetonka High School re:…