Democrat of the Day

Democrat of the Day

Matt McNeil speaks with a Democrat running for office in Minnesota until election day this fall!

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Justin Stofferahn (Matt McNeil Show – 02.20.2020)

Addie Miller (Matt McNeil Show – 02.20.2020)

Bonnie Westin (Matt McNeil Show – February 18, 2020)

Cheryl Youakim (Matt McNeil Show – 02.17.2020)

John Persell (Matt McNeil Show – 02.14.2020)

Michael Northbird (Matt McNeil Show – 02.13.2020)

Kevin Shea (Matt McNeil Show – February 11, 2020)

Mary Kunesh-Podein (Matt McNeil Show – 02.10.2020)

Chad Hobot (Matt McNeil Show – 09.30.2020)

Robert Timmerman (Matt McNeil Show – January 28, 2020)