Episode 3: Securing the Bag for Small Businesses: Getting ready for capital

Welcome to another enlightening episode. Today Elaine decodes the complexities of finance to empower your financial journey. Today, we dive into the critical world of capital – understanding its types, acquiring it effectively, and preparing your business for financial growth. Elaine breaks down the three primary forms of capital. Discover how each plays a pivotal role in business financing, from the immediate liquidity of cash, encompassing sales and grants, to the strategic use of debt through loans and credit lines, and the growth potential of equity investments. This episode illuminates the nuances and strategic applications of each capital type, providing clarity to entrepreneurs and investors alike. Elaine guides listeners through the stages of due diligence, from the informal screenings to the in-depth business and legal reviews. Learn about the necessary preparations and the intricate details investors look for, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate this critical phase confidently. Elaine introduces the “Dirty 30” checklist, a comprehensive guide to prepare businesses and investors for capital-related decisions. This segment equips you with the knowledge to address key questions in the due diligence process.