Epiosde 2 with Guests Chelsea McDaniel and Cristina Lara-Agudelo

Hosted by Elaine Rasmussen, this episode of “Do.Different.Better” features a dynamic conversation with Chelsea McDaniel and Cristina Lara-Agudelo from Common Future. These are two powerful of these leaders in making transformative changes in finance, focusing on economic justice and community empowerment. Both finance professionals have tremendous financial wisdom and innovative strategies for impact investing and social finance. In this episode, listeners will explore the mission and impact of Common Future, diving into their role in crafting financial solutions that prioritize community needs and sustainability. Discussions will range from personal finance journeys, the cultural and systemic challenges in the finance sector, to the groundbreaking partnerships and projects led by Common Future. The conversation aims to illuminate the pathways to achieving social impact through finance, offering insights and advice for anyone looking to navigate or contribute to this evolving field. T his episode promises to be a compelling narrative on how finance can serve as a tool for positive change, making it a must-listen for those interested in the intersection of finance and social equity.