Ep. 12: The Role of Debt in Wealth Building: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Ever wonder how debt can actually help you build wealth? 🎉 On this episode of the “Do.Different.Better Show,” your savvy host Elaine Rasmussen breaks down the complex world of debt and reveals how it can be a powerful tool for financial growth. We’ll explore the difference between good debt and bad debt, how to leverage debt wisely, and strategies to manage and reduce harmful debt.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

🔍 The basics of debt and its potential role in creating financial prosperity.

💡 **Good Debt vs. Bad Debt:** Discover the characteristics of good debt (like mortgages and student loans) that can open doors to wealth, and learn about bad debt (like high-interest credit cards) that can hold you back.

🏡 **Leveraging Good Debt:** Get tips on using mortgages for real estate investments and maximizing the return on investment from student loans.

💰 **Managing and Reducing Bad Debt:** Practical strategies to manage and pay off bad debt, including budgeting tips, debt consolidation, and negotiating with creditors.

Ready to take control of your financial future? Tune in to assess your current debt situation and create a plan to leverage good debt and reduce bad debt.

Join us now and transform your approach to debt for a wealthier future!**
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