Ellie 2.0 Radio – March 9, 2020

Alright, it’s another Ellie’s Talking Head show, but don’t despair—we’ve got great stuff! In the A-Block, I talk about an unexpected—and for some, repulsive—idealist, Larry Flynt, the creator/publisher of Hustler Magazine. Say what you will about Flynt, but he was instrumental in helping to protect First Amendment rights to engage in parody—otherwise, Saturday Night Live might not be able to criticize Donald Trump. In the B-Block, I talk about a suburban Sacramento cab driver who went to Nth degree to help an elderly passenger avoid a financial scam; I also share about the MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grants” which support many idealists. Finally, in the C-Block, I talk about training lawyers on white fragility. I know, there’s a lot of stuff here!