Ellie 2.0 Radio – March 6, 2021

We begin with a story about Stockton CA’s experiment of giving 125 random people $500/mo. for two years, no string attached. The results of this experiment are in and they show that overwhelmingly, people didn’t spend the stipend on cigarettes or alcohol, but instead on necessities in ways that greatly improved their lives. I also talk about how MN legislators are failing business owners in the Twin Cities who suffered loses due to civil unrest—clearly, it’s all about racism. For Women’s History Month, the Big Interview is a repeat of my interview of Rachel Pilgrim, who discovered the identities of five black women who founded a black church in Mt. Vernon N.Y. in 1888. In my C-Block, I talk about how a Minnetonka MN middle school English teacher is being maligned for teaching about Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender activist who helped launch the Stonewall riot/revolution.