Ellie 2.0 Radio – January 15, 2022

For this Live Show we begin with our featured idealist, Heather Abbott, a survivor of the April 2013 Boston Bombing. Heather lost her lower left leg in the incident and because health insurers provide only one minimally functioning prosthesis for amputees, Heather created a foundation to assist other amputees with their prosthetic needs. I then shift to talking about how Amy Schneider, a transgender woman who’s the 3rd highest grossing winner on Jeopardy, is changing attitudes toward trans persons. I also talk about a Washington Post initiative that discovered 1700 American lawmakers and 18 U.S. Presidents were slaveholders—I had no idea that ownership of Black and Indigenous humans was so ingrained in the fabric of our government! Everyone should read this WAPO piece. Lastly, I share about hearing from a 20-something and how he would be okay with a dictator/the loss of voting rights, just as long as Target and restaurants remained open. Scary.