Ellie 2.0 Radio – August 20, 2022

It’s a live show! The Big Interview is with 13-year-old Grayson Lee White and
his mother, Molly; Grayson is the author of Dotson, a book about Grayson’s journey in
understanding that he is transgender and his family’s loving support. Our featured idealist is RIP
Medical Debt, created by two former debt collectors who now buy up the medical debt of people
struggling to pay their bills. I also talk about what Florida is doing to stem its teacher
shortage—like allowing people with no teaching experience to teach by virtue of having worked
in law enforcement, firefighting, or having served in the military. What? Lastly, I share about the
passing of Danna Nelson, who was battling cancer when I had her on the show this past
January to talk about her efforts to change MN law to allow for dying with dignity when
diagnosed with a terminal illness.