Ellie 2.0 Radio – April 24, 2021

This week’s show begins by highlighting Darnella Frazier, the then-17-year-old who videoed Derek Chauvin as he suffocated the life out of George Floyd. I refer Darnella as a “defacto idealist” who may not have intended to change the world that afternoon, but yet still did so in a way that few could ever seek to do. The Big Interview is with Heidi Langenfeld, who shares about Building Remembrance for Reconciliation in Hastings MN; it’s an organization that seeks to memorialize the first (and only) Black church in Hastings, which existed from October 1892 to November 1907, when it was firebombed. In my C-Block, I share about talking to LGBTQ students in Chaska MN.