Bernie Sanders & The Future Of Democratic Socialism in American Politics by Professor David Schultz

The Caucus of Left Social Democrats of the Twin Cities DSA hosts Prof. David Schultz from Hamline University on for a discussion on Bernie Sanders and the Future of Democratic Socialism in American Politics. Just as Bernie begins his 2020 campaign as the clear frontrunner of the Democratic Party primary race, Schultz will discuss the progressive juggernaut and what impact the left can have going forward.

Joining Prof. Schultz will be several of the the caucus’ own members, speaking briefly on various important aspects of our movement:

Hunter Hawes, from AM 950 on the rise of left wing media

Brad McGarr, 2018 Shakopee City Council Candidate on lessons learned running as a Democratic Socialist in a conservative suburb

Mike Mitchell, Member of the British Labour Party living in Minnesota and what we can learn from UK Labour Hosted by John Heppen, Interim General Secretary of the Caucus of Left Social Democrats DSA.