Searching for Service

Searching for Service

Sundays 3-4 PM

A weekly show designed to help current and future Rotarians find purpose through service!


Searching for Service
Searching for Service

A weekly show designed to help current and future Rotarians find purpose through service!

Kyle Haugen- Rotary Club of Prior Lake, MN

Kyle Haugen from the Prior Lake Rotary club joins us today to talk about the impact his roatary club and Rotary’s polio vaccination program is having. Kyle shares some impactful stories about the work being done.

Searching for Service with Jon Cermin – Media Production Professional

Jon Cermin joins us today to talk about his efforts to support Ukrainians get drones because they are able to use them to clear mine fields more safely and efficiently. He shared with us that in the USA a lot of drones will no longer be legal to use come September 16th 2023 because of…

Jonathan Palmer of the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center

Jonathan Palmer Executive Director with Hallie Q. Brown Community center joins us on this weeks show to talk about the mission, history and growth of the center. Jonathan talks about the volunteer oppurtunies that are needed at the center. He also shares some touching stories about the impact they are having daily on people’s lives…

Searching for Service with Patricia McCleese – New District Governor 5960

Patricia McCleese New District Governor 5960 Joins the show today and shares her vision as she embarks on her year as distict Governor. She also shared her Rotary story and some of her favorite service projects she has been a part of over the years. Check out the district link and Conference of Clubs event…

Bill Tobin

Kim Lorenz – Rotarian, Author and World Visions Partners

Today we talked with Kim Lorenz Rotarian and Author of Tireless: Key Principles That Drive Success Beyond Business School. He shares how Rotary impacted his life and some of the major projects he has been a part of. He tells us about his involvement in World Visions and breaks down what World Visions is.

Terry Ziegler- Polio Eradication Update Newsletter Editor

Today we interviewed Terry Ziegler, past President Rotary Club of West U in Houston Texas, Polio Eradication update Newsletter Editor, and Book of the World – Second Wind Foundtation Trustee. He talks about his years of work in rotary and shares some good stroies. Terry also talks about his roll as the editor of the…

Stephanie Urchick- President of Rotary International 2024-2025

On the show this week we had the honor of talking with Stephanie Urchick who will be the 2nd ever female President of Rotary International in 2024 and 2025. Stephanie tells us how she got started in Rotary and her path to becoming the 2nd elected Female President of Rotary International. She shared her goals…

Luke Pinneo – Business Connect

This week we talked to Luke Pinneo from Business Connect.  We learn about how Rotary impacted him and Business connect.  We also talked to him about what Business Connect does and the impact they are having. Luke shared some great stories and experiences.

Wade Nomura- Host of We Are Rotary TV and District 5240 Governor

Our guest today is Wade Nomura.  We talked to Wade about a number roles and programs he has been involved in over the years with Rotary.  Wade tells us about how he started and is the host of a Rotary TV show that highlights the great work Rotary is doing.  He also talked about his…