Green Tea Conversations

Green Tea Conversations

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We are given the gift of intuition on how to care for ourselves and our families, but too often we forsake that knowledge for the voice of authority. Out of fear and under stress, we listen silently as conventional experts provide their advice, while reluctantly shutting down our own instincts that are telling us there may be another way.

Green Tea Conversations is for people who are on a journey to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Your host, Candi Broeffle, publisher of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine, delves into the pages to bring you highly qualified professionals who share the latest natural approaches in nutrition, fitness, creative expression, personal growth, and sustainable living in a fun and informative way. You will be connected to a wealth of local resources that can help you gain the information needed to trust your own intuition and take control of the well-being of you and your family.

Grab a cup of tea and join the conversation, as we awaken to natural health. Visit for more information.

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Bioelectric Medicine: A Natural Approach to All that Ails You with Guy Odishaw

Meet Guy Odishaw, Bioelectric Medicine practitioner and founder of the Bhakti Wellness Clinic in Edina. Guy introduces us to Bioelectric Medicine and shares the research behind its effectiveness in treating pain and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. He also explains how it is used in his clinic for wound healing and •…

What is Crypto-Currency Anyway? Part Two with Matt Ferrin

Matt Ferrin, Chief Financial Officer of Northwoods Credit Union, returns to continue our conversation about cryptocurrency and shares his thoughts on the future of bitcoin and the impacts of blockchain. For more information about Northwoods Credit Union, visit

What is Crypto-Currency Anyway? Part One with Matt Ferrin

Matt Ferrin, Chief Financial Officer of Northwoods Credit Union begins the explanation of cryptocurrency by introducing the blockchain. Through engaging stories and analogies, he brings understanding of this new record-keeping system and explains its benefits and disadvantages. Ferrin also shares the history of bitcoin. For more information about Northwoods Credit Union, visit

Good Health and the Happy COW with Master Hong Kim

Meet Master Hong Kim, owner and instructor at Body and Brain Yoga in Minnetonka as he explains the significance of thoughts and emotions on physical health. Master Hong describes how the stresses experienced in 2020 and 2021 have caused many to approach life from a state of fear and anger, and how it impacts their…

A Natural Approach to Treating Early Dementia with Guy Odishaw and Dr. Richard Sinda

Meet Guy Odishaw, a Neurofeedback and Bioelectric Medicine practitioner and Dr Richard Sinda, a certified Naturopathic and Preventive Aging physician as they share their unique partnership to bring hope and healing to those with early dementia. They discuss the signs and causes of early dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and share their natural approach that brings…

Transformational Life Coaching to Guide You with Mirtha Solis – September 12, 2021

Mirtha Solis of Blue Lotus Training and Consulting in Minneapolis is a transformational life coach who specializes in assisting clients to unearth the root of their issues, thereby making long-term change. Solis discusses what prompted her to become a life coach, NLP, and her life-changing transformational life coaching certification program. To learn more and sign…

Living a More Functional Life with Dr. Amanda Haeg – August 8, 2021

Meet Dr. Amanda Haeg of Cadence Chiropractic in Eden Prairie, who has been helping people live life in motion. Dr. Amanda discusses how she began her journey of becoming a chiropractor, the concept behind her company’s name and how chiropractic care can help the spine and nervous system function better. She also shares the unique…

Thriving on Wild Salmon with Noah Locke – July 18, 2021

Meet Noah Locke, the Community Supported Fishery Director for the Midwest region for the Kwee-Jack Fish Company. He dives into the concept of community-supported fisheries, how he began salmon fishing and his path to working for Kwee-Jack, which currently carries out fishing in Alaska. Learn about the Alaskan experience of fishing and the protocols in…

Essential Oils as a Practical Solution with Joyce Sobotta – June 13, 2021

Meet Joyce Sobotta, a breast health educator and founder of Healthy Girl’s Breast Oil and Aromatherapy Nature’s Way. She shares her journey of how she was introduced to essential oils and the way she took it further and created special blends for treating common ailments like sleeplessness and muscle pain. Sobotta also creates customized blends…

Regenerative Care for Health Care Workers with Debbie Mechley – May 16, 2021

Meet Debbie Mechley, master health and wellness coach and founder of Time to Renew Coaching. Mechley discusses her newly developed health care renewal program, Healthcare Renew Program for healthcare workers, which is designed to overcome exhaustion and the physical and mental neglect they often experience. To enroll in or gift her online coaching program to…