FYI Politics with Brett Johnson

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson

Weekdays 2-3 PM

Join Brett Johnson weekdays from 2-3 PM for a Minnesota political news talk show that covers more than just presidential politics. While the show will chronicle some of the underreported national news stories, Brett puts an extra emphasis on state and local government in Minnesota. It’s an area of that often gets little attention in the news cycle despite having a far bigger impact on your day-to-day life than what happens in Washington. So each day Brett will speak with journalists, political analysts, activists and politicians as we discuss how government affects you.

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FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 02.06.2020

Brett opens the show with an interview of Aaron Brown to talk unions in northern Minnesota. How do we balance good jobs with environmental concern? Later in the show dentist, Scott Shamblott. explains his special event to give back to people who can’t afford dental work.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – 02.05.2020

On this episode of FYI Politics, Brett interviews David Schulz to discuss the Senate impeachment hearings. What is the story behind this "shadowy" app used by the DNC in Iowa’s caucuses? Noah Kulwin from The Outline calls in to report on his finidings about the mysterious company behind the app, ACRONYM.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – February 4, 2020

Brett discusses the latest from the Iowa Caucus disaster.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – February 3, 2020

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – January 31, 2020

Brett speaks with Vote Common Sense and old 950 friend Doug Padgett and then with Social Security advocate Max Richman, along with other topics today.

FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 01.30.2020

Brett p[ens today’s show with an interview with Gary Carlson. A new program designed to substitute some of the nuisance vehicle maintenance tickets police give out with vouchers to replace headlights/signal and brake lights. Private security cameras are being utilized by police to track and identify suspicious individuals. The Post Office gives Bernie their endorsement.

FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 01.29.2020

This episode of FYI opens with Brett welcoming on Thom Hartmann to detail his newest book, The Hidden History of the War on Voting: Who Stole Your Vote and How to Get It Back. Later, Brett digs in to the story surrounding a wrongful verdict Amy Klobuchar sat over, Is the problem more systemic than…

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – January 28, 2020

On today’s show Brett discusses profitable companies making layoffs such as 3M’s announced cuts, discusses redistricting and the terrors at Shenandoah juvenile detention facility in Virginia, and speaks with Rep. Mary Murphy about bonding.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – January 27, 2020