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FYI Politics with Brett Johnson

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Join Brett Johnson weekdays from 2-3 PM for a Minnesota political news talk show that covers more than just presidential politics. While the show will chronicle some of the underreported national news stories, Brett puts an extra emphasis on state and local government in Minnesota. It’s an area of that often gets little attention in the news cycle despite having a far bigger impact on your day-to-day life than what happens in Washington. So each day Brett will speak with journalists, political analysts, activists and politicians as we discuss how government affects you.

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FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 17, 2020

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 16, 2020

How much could it cost St. Thomas University to go from D-III to D-I – and will taxpayers be footing the bills for facility upgrades for a private school? Also, why is the Mall of America’s parent group asking for bailouts? Brett also discusses the process behind getting an absentee ballot.

Breaking news in the George Floyd situation, as body cam footage was viewed by the Star Tribune; author Julian E. Zelizer discusses his new book about Newt Gingrich with Brett.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 14, 2020

Brett and Patrick discuss the Alabama GOP senate primary between Jeff Sessions and former college football coach Tommy Tuberville, as well as why money is pouring into Minnesota CD5 when Ilhan Omar is still the popular consensus candidate; Greta Kaul of MinnPost joins Brett to talk about the dramatic increase in poor neighborhoods in the…

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 10, 2020

DFL CD-5 candidate Antone Melton-Meaux and MinnPost reporter Peter Callaghan join Brett; the new tax filing deadline of July 15 is fast approaching.

Antone Melton Meaux (FYI Politics 7/10/20)

Brett Johnson recently spoke to Antone Melton Meaux, who is challenging current rep. Ilhan Omar for the DFL nomination in CD5.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 13, 2020

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 9, 2020

Kanye is running for president; immigration attorney Eric Cedillo joins to discuss the ICE edict on foreign students.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 8, 2020

Officer Thomas Lane’s legal team has filed for dismissal of the case in his involvement in George Floyd’s death; Brett reads the account of his interview with investigators (listener discretion is advised).

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – July 7, 2020

Sen. Scott Jensen is under investigation over comments made about COVID-19; how are voters who dislike both Trump and Biden polling?