FYI Politics with Brett Johnson

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson

Weekdays 2-3 PM

Join Brett Johnson weekdays from 2-3 PM for a Minnesota political news talk show that covers more than just presidential politics. While the show will chronicle some of the underreported national news stories, Brett puts an extra emphasis on state and local government in Minnesota. It’s an area of that often gets little attention in the news cycle despite having a far bigger impact on your day-to-day life than what happens in Washington. So each day Brett will speak with journalists, political analysts, activists and politicians as we discuss how government affects you.

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FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 02.21.2020

The Blue State Ball is SOLD OUT. Brett hints at a high profile political guest and Erik hints at a special project. Bloomberg’s ad buys are near unavoidable. St Paul teachers vote to strike.

FYI Politics – 02.19.2020

Alan Miller guest hosts for today’s FYI politics. Early in the show Alan is joined by Tim Purdon of Robins-Kaplan. Later Nick Frentz, MN senator and bagelman, chats with Lan about local politics.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – February 18, 2020

Alan Miller is in for Brett, discussing the hot topics of the day including an interview with Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – February 17, 2020

Ellie Krug from Ellie 2.0 filling in for Brett Johnson today!

FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 02.14.2020

Brett interviews Peter Callahan about local statewide politics. Jordan Smith of The Intercept shares her story about an important Supreme Court case that’ll have far reaching implications on abortion in the United States. Brett shares new data from OKCupid and other dating apps about how politics is affecting the dating world in 2020.

FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 02.13.2020

Brett begins today’s FYI Politics by sharing a few of the less coherent takes coming out of the IA and NH primaries. What might happen at a contested national convention. Brett explains Minnesota’s highly confusing and unique hybrid primary/caucus system. Is it right to be collecting the voter data at primaries? What could the potential…

FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 02.12.2020

On today’s FYI politics with Brett Johnson, a closer look at the current state of the Enbridge pipeline. Why does the Minnesota congress have 201 seats? David Schultz joins Brett to discuss what the big story out of the New Hampshire primary is. And is this Deja Vu or is 2020 just 2016 all over…

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – February 11, 2020

Brett talks about today’s New Hampshire Primary, how well the economy is really doing, and the early developments at the Minnesota State Legislature.

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson – February 10, 2020

FYI Politics with Brett Johnson for February 10, 2020

FYI Politics With Brett Johnson – 02.07.2020

Brett begins today’s show with an interview with two nurses currently involved in a likely labor strike at Health Partners. Is Romney really absolved of all his ugly behavior with a simple vote for impeachment against Trump? Why you should never trust any group that includes ‘capital’ or ‘brotherhood’ in their name.