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Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show

Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show

Saturdays 10AM - 11AM

The Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show focuses on topics concerning health, wellness, spirituality, emotions, and life issues from new perspectives.  It delves into the realm of healing together, as well as going beyond that, and moving into being the best versions of ourselves.

Conversations with Connie Bjerk and Michelle Kitsmiller from Awakened Living, an integrative health clinic located in Bloomington, MN, will span the gambit of topics in health and wellness, and include a movement into consciousness.  Everything in our lives affects how we feel.  Something that at times might be overlooked as an issue relating to health, can be very pertinent to the foundation of living a quality life.  Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show will discuss aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and invite you to ponder, meditate, and apply what you are hearing to create a profound life for yourself.  It is our mission to help shift perspectives and provide resources for individuals to seek, find, and master their own Divine, or healing path.

If you have a desire to live a life that is more than what you are currently experiencing, if you feel stuck, are experiencing health concerns, or are curious about ways to improve your life, this show will give you new perspectives, and steps to change your life.

Visit our website at www.awakenedlivinginfusion.com.


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25. Dreams: Creating and Decoding Aspects of Self

Dreams are more important to our lives than we may realize- both the dreams we have and create for our lives, and the dreams we have at night that we seemingly have no control over. We go into creating your dreams as well as what your nighttime dreams may actually mean, and how important they…

24. Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

How you feel about yourself matters. It affects your decisions, your experience of life, as well as its quality. Do you have low self-esteem or high? How about self-worth? Discover ways to increase both! One is influenced by outside factors, the other is more internally based. Find out more!

23. Letting Go

There can be many areas in life that may hold situations, experiences, or people that it would be in our best interest to let go of. We will look at some of these and discuss how to accomplish the letting go process.

22. Forgiveness

Forgiveness: What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything! Forgiveness or the absence of it affects every aspect of our lives, including our physical, mental, and emotional health. We discuss what it is, as well as what it isn’t. We talk about the process of forgiveness and the aspects you might not be familiar with. There…

21. Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive Patterns in our life can be challenging to deal with, much less recognize. It is important for us to see them, learn what they are here to teach us, master the lesson, and move forward into a better future. This show discusses some patterns that you may not be aware of and will give…

20. Perception: Illusion, Reality, or Somewhere Inbetween?

How do our perceptions influence our life, as well as a dive into what affects the development of those perceptions to begin with.  There is a connectedness in more areas of our lives than one might expect in our perceptions.

19. Emotions

Our emotions are far more important than many realize.  They are imperative in every aspect of our existence and influence every decision, action, and reaction that we have.  They affect our health, relationships, and our feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. Not expressing how we feel, or stuffing our emotions, doesn’t get rid of them, it is actually…

18. Sleep: The Unexpected Cure

Sleep deprivation has been listed world wide as an epidemic. Find out what even one night of sleep loss does to you. Learn tips for healthy sleep, and what goes on in your body while you sleep. It is a necessity!

17. Control: How Much Do We Really Have?

Many would love to think they have total control over their lives. The truth is, we don’t. Let’s talk about controlling behaviors, what might cause it, and how can we loosen its grip on our lives!

16. Change

Change. People have strong feelings about it, either embracing it, or avoiding it.  Change happens when we need it the most, even if we are unaware that we need it. What factors contribute to how we feel and move through this dynamic force?  Let’s talk!