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Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show

Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show

Saturdays 10AM - 11AM

The Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show focuses on topics concerning health, wellness, spirituality, emotions, and life issues from new perspectives.  It delves into the realm of healing together, as well as going beyond that, and moving into being the best versions of ourselves.

Conversations with Connie Bjerk and Michelle Kitsmiller from Awakened Living, an integrative health clinic located in Bloomington, MN, will span the gambit of topics in health and wellness, and include a movement into consciousness.  Everything in our lives affects how we feel.  Something that at times might be overlooked as an issue relating to health, can be very pertinent to the foundation of living a quality life.  Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show will discuss aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and invite you to ponder, meditate, and apply what you are hearing to create a profound life for yourself.  It is our mission to help shift perspectives and provide resources for individuals to seek, find, and master their own Divine, or healing path.

If you have a desire to live a life that is more than what you are currently experiencing, if you feel stuck, are experiencing health concerns, or are curious about ways to improve your life, this show will give you new perspectives, and steps to change your life.

Visit our website at www.awakenedlivinginfusion.com.


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Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show – August 24, 2019

Addictions Part One: How They Do What They Do to You

We live in a culture that is filled with addiction. Many of them fill the news weekly and we are very familiar with them. Others are still there, but are flying under the radar. In part one of this two part series we will list many addictions and then cover what it is, what it…

The Many Faces of Pain – July 13, 2019

Not all pain is created equal. There are as many types of pain as there are people. We may experience physical pain, mental, emotional or spiritual pain. We discuss acute and chronic pain, and what we can do to be proactive as well as the things we can do to help ourselves heal. Pain levels…

Anxiety, Depression & SAD – June 15, 2019

Anxiety and depression seem to be more prevalent than ever. Stress in our daily lives increases the pressure on us and the way we feel about things. Know you are not alone. See if what you may be feeling matches us with the description and symptoms we will share.

Mental Health, Part 2

Mental health and treatment is discussed, as well as what integrative care might look like within traditional western medicine, and also within holistic medicine and Chinese medicine. What to look for in the behavior of children, as many issues develop before the age of 14.

Mental Health and Mental Illness, Part 1

Mental Health is imperative in today’s society.  Half of mental health conditions begin by age 14, and 75% of them develop by the age of 24.  Interestingly, the brain is not completely develop until the age of 26.  Mental health will be discussed, as well as many of the illnesses that are prevalent in today’s…

Limited And Limitless Thinking – May 11, 2019

There are many aspects of life that may seem to conspire to limit us and make us feel small.  What most of us desire is to feel limitless- in our choices and opportunities.  We will be discussing living from both a limited, and limitless viewpoint, and how you can change your thoughts and life to…

Energy and Vibrational Medicine – May 4, 2019

All disciplines of medicine, from traditional western medicine, to Chinese medicine, to energy healing, and more are all forms of energy, or vibrational medicine.  MRIs, X-rays, ultra sounds, acupuncture and everything else all moves energy, and has as its roots vibrational medicine. We we take a deeper look into these as well as others that you…

27. Intrapersonal Guided Imagery Therapy

IntratPersonal Guided Imagery Therapy bypasses the symptoms that you may be experiencing and gets right to the root cause of any issue.  It is used in the treatment of PTSD, chronic pain, chronic illness, fears, phobias, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that nothing else may have helped.  Learn what it is, how it works, and…

26. Face Reading

Just what can be found in a face? Your lines and features give a depth of detailed information about you, your life, relationships, and how you might be able to change aspect of yourself to have a better life. Learn what botox and plastic surgery do to the trajectory of your life. There’s more in…