Vandalia Glassworks

Creating beautiful art from fire is something that is inspiring to many, yet it is an ancient skill that few practice today. Since 2015, Vandalia Glassworks in St. Paul has provided a complete hot shop, cold shop and gallery to area glass artists and customers in the Twin Cities area. Work one-on-one with your instructor in a safe and fun environment. Individual classes allow for the most bench time while receiving the right amount of personalized guidance from a skilled instructor. We offer glassblowing classes for new students and experienced artists. Our instructors will guide you through manipulating molten glass to create your own work while exploring all the possibilities in a safe and controlled space. Shop our selection of glass art created in our studio in St. Paul, MN by local and national artists. We offer everything from hand blown glass paperweights, wine glasses, sculptures, pumpkins, fused glass platters and much more. We offer an incredible shared space in the heart of South St. Paul, MN. Our studio offers everything you could need including gallery space to sell your pieces.

103 Concord Exchange N
South Saint Paul, MN 55075