Shepherd of the Hill Chaska Church

Mission Statement

“Sharing God’s Unconditional Love for Everyone”


Governance is a collective noun at Shepherd of the Hill. We are a Church where decisions are shared among lay leaders elected by the congregation, and the congregation’s pastor. There are three ordained offices:

Ruling Elder – The Session is comprised of six ordained Ruling Elders elected by the congregation. The Session oversees the entire life of the church.

Deacon – The Board of Deacons leads the congregation in ministries of compassion within the congregation and in outreach to the needs of the community and world.

Teaching Elder – The pastor is a Teaching Elder who also moderates The Session, and is to the congregation what a Rabbi is to a synagogue: a teacher.


We are on a seven acre-plot, and have plenty of room to stretch out for baseball, Frisbee, or running around with a dog. We have a mediation garden that is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. This means it is safe for bees and monarch butterflies. We are trying to encourage milkweed and other plants to help that effort.

We have a garden plot in back that has been lovingly tended for a few years now. We are going to be opening a portion of that garden to the community and if someone wants to grow some vegetables, we would love to talk to you! We have a full playground outside with two swings, tire swing, slide, and monkey bars!

We have a big honkin’ lawn mower that looks like it’s going about 7o miles per hour (it isn’t) and if someone wants to take a turn on it, if you are big enough, we could maybe let that happen.

Our parking lot holds 45 regular slots and two handicapped spots. When we have a big event there is no problem with people parking on the lawn. We have a circle driveway that is flush with the sidewalk that goes right up to the door. It is excellent for dropping off those that need a clear pathway in and out.

If you like to do lawn care, gardening, or growing vegetables, we have plenty of opportunities for you. We are planning to grow more fresh veggies for our Food Shelf in 2016. We will be building raised gardens, digging up a patch of our giant lawn, and looking for ways to make our lot more habitable for bees and butterflies.


The building is centered on a sanctuary that seats about 130-150.  The Narthex (lobby) is
used for gatherings of the congregation, and as a refreshment area for weddings and funerals. This space is also used as The Sower Art Gallery to showcase local talent.

Upstairs there are two classrooms, which double as bedrooms for homeless families when
we host Families Moving Forward (approximately 4 times a year).  There are also offices for the Pastor and Administrator.

Downstairs there are two offices, again which function as bedrooms, a large area for
children to play, a full kitchen, public restrooms, and a classroom where DS Driving School has its home.

What’s with the Red Chair? 

The Red Chair of Forgiveness is a tribute to the Amish (fine furniture makers) and  their Bedrock Commitment to Forgiveness.
145 Engler Blvd
Chaska, MN 55318
(952) 448-3882

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