Agrarian Seed and Garden

Agrarian Seed and Garden (ASG) is a new garden center in the Nokomis East neighborhood of Minneapolis (formerly Plantique), started by Kierra Jeffers, Colty Hinz, and Dusty Hinz.

Their goal is to create a practical garden center that suits the needs and curiosities of casual and serious gardeners alike. They offer a diverse selection of seeds, vegetable plants, herbs, annuals, perennials, tools, and a variety of other useful gardening products.

They know that Plantique offered a great selection of annual and perennial flowers, which we will continue to stock. In addition, ASG will expand their vegetable, herb, and native plant offerings. ASG’s forte in the seed world has been our intriguing and diverse vegetables, and they hope to make ASG a destination for this as well!

5152 Hiawatha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55417