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Nobel Conference Climate Changed: Facing Our Future Sep. 24 & 25

The changes being wrought on the earth’s climate system are vast, without precedent, and of such magnitude and scale as to potentially alter life itself. Nobel Conference 55 asks “What tools are available, what research efforts do we require, and what kind of people do we need to be to conceptualize and address global climate challenges?” Nobel Conference 55 will bring together seven leading thinkers to address climate change from perspectives including paleoclimate studies, climate justice, climate modeling, and climate adaptation. We invite you to join us to grapple with the causes and consequences of climate change and with our responses to the challenges it presents us, as individuals and as a society.

The Nobel Conference takes place Tuesday, September 24 and Wednesday, September 25 at Gustavus Adolphus College. Find more info at https://gustavus.edu/events/nobelconference/2019/