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Ferndale Market

Dale Peterson started the farm at Ferndale Market in 1939 so he could do what he loved – raise turkeys. Now in its third generation, our farming practices remain much the same as when Dale and his wife, Fern, began raising turkeys all those years ago.

We proudly grow our turkeys free-range. This means we provide our birds plenty of room to roam outdoors during the temperate months and, during the summer months, our turkeys live on fresh pasture all day long.

We let our turkeys grow at nature’s pace, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. They enjoy constant access to their natural diet of grains and seeds, with a custom blended mix of vitamins and minerals. We take pride in creating an environment that maintains our turkey’s health without medication.

All Ferndale Market turkeys are processed naturally, without additives, at a USDA facility. When you believe in the quality of your product, like we do, there’s no reason to mask the flavor with sodium or additives. We are sure you’ll taste the difference!

31659 Willow Trail
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
(507) 263-4556