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The Mike McIntee – March 23, 2018

Ellen Ratner of Talk Media recaps the week in Washington with Mike talking about all of Trump’s firings, his congrads to Putin, and many other topics. Also Nancy Nelson joins to reflect on who can succeed Mark Dayton and the future of the DFL.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 21, 2018

Max Richtman, CEO of National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare joins mike to talk about the Pennsylvania special election and how SS and medicare played a role. Then Scott Sargrad of the Center for American Progress dispels some conservative myths about school discipline and guns. Also your thoughts and concerns about Facebook’s data privacy…

The Mike McIntee Show – March 20, 2018

Mike has former CIA office Jack Rice. As well as Michelle Gross of Communities United Against Police Brutality.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 19, 2018

Tim Maier of Talk Media News chats with Mike about whether Trump will fire Mueller and the firing of Andrew McCabe. Also former Republican governor Arne Carlson talks with Mike about what he thinks is wrong with politics.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 16th, 2018

Ellen Ratner of Talk Media News joins the program. Russ Choma of Mother Jones talks Jeff Sessions. Mike takes calls on new left lane law in the legislature.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 15, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – March 14, 2018

Mike speaks with Gabrielle Pittinger (former Parkland student), Zoe Chinn (Harding HS), and Avery Weina Harding HS), three high school students who participated in today’s gun walk out. Then an incredible story from Nancy Nelson about how she gave her kidney to a friend who had kidney disease.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 13, 2018

On today’s show: Why did Rex Tillerson get fired? Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress and Mike talk about that and some of the upcoming SCOTUS cases. Also CD8 DFL candidate Leah Phifer talks with Mike about her campaign to replace Rick Nolan.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 12, 2018

On today’s show: Tim Maier of Talk Media chats with Mike about the latest national news including Stormy Daniels and the Betsy De Vos interview. Then a bipartisan gun safety bill might be making its way through the legislature. Also state Sen. Matt Klein, one of only two doctors in the legislature, talks about research…

The Mike McIntee Show – March 9, 2018

Mike speaks with CD3 Indivisible immigrant rights activist Nestor Gomez about the importance of DACA. Also Dr. Ana Fuentevilla on the opioids epidemic and what to do if your doctor prescribes you opioids. And a conversation with former news anchor and now CD8 DFL candidate Michelle Lee.