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The Mike McIntee Show – April 10, 2018

Jocelyn Fox of CAP joins on gender wage gap. Then Pam Colby on her film Not in My Lifetime.

The Mike McIntee Show – April 9, 2018

Ellen Ratner of Talk Media chats with Mike about DC news including the raid on Trump’s lawyer. Also several congressional district conventions are coming up. And Meredith Abby of Peace March MN on an anti-war demonstration coming up this weekend.

The Mike McIntee Show – April 6, 2018

Ellen Ratner of Talk Media News speaks with Mike about new Trump tariffs and more cabinet resignations that could be on the way. Also your thoughts on #TPaw reentering MN politics. And Scott Sargard of the Center of American Progress on high school graduation requirements and how they don’t often prepare students adequately for college.

The Mike McIntee Show – April 5, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – April 4, 2018

Pam Vogal of Media Matters talks on Sinclair Broadcasting and their news scam. Mike plays video of synced local newscasts saying the exact same thing in unison. Joel Clemmer of Health Care For All Minnesota joins to talk about health care for all in Minnesota and where the Governor candidates stand on the issue.

The Mike McIntee Show – April 3, 2018

Ellen Ratner of Talk Media fills us in on the latest Washington news including the first Mueller sentencing. Also Michael Fuchs of the Center for American Progress talks about what the US can do to address North Korea problems. And how the GOP legislature in MN is giving hearings to bills that don’t really seem…

The Mike McIntee Show – April 2, 2018

Nancy Nelson and Steve Bucher fill in for Mike and talk about the importance of unions and why Democrats should be proud to be Democrats this election cycle. Steve also gives some tips on how Democrats can win in 2018.

The Mike McIntee Show – March 31, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – March 29, 2018

The Mike McIntee – March 28, 2018

Mike speaks with David Pakman (who you can hear weeknights at 9 AM) about Stormy Daniels, Trump messing with the census, and . Then Nancy Nelson and Mike speak with Michael Brindisi about hisn work on the musical Newsies which is playing the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Neswies tells the story of the 1899 paperboy revolt…