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Matt McNeil is a proud Minnesotan, on live weekdays from 3pm to 4pm. Matt has been living most of his life in the state of his birth. He's a husband, a father of three, a veteran, and a broadcaster. He's worked in radio for over 25 years, starting with Armed Forces Radio in Nuremberg, Germany. He currently lives in Hopkins.

On his show Matt talks politics from a Democrat/Progressive perspective, but he'll also venture into parenting, religion, entertainment, sports, gardening, business, cooking, and many other subjects. He interviews politicians, political insiders, authors, pundits, entertainers, and artists, and loves talking to the listeners.

Besides being on air, you can read his thoughts at the 'Progressive Citizen X' blog.

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Susan Du (Matt McNeil Show 6/7/19)

Matt speaks with Susan Du of City Pages about her story where Minnesota workers allege wage theft occurred at state-subsidized project in Thief River Falls.

The Matt McNeil Show – June 6, 2019

Senator John Marty joins the program. How the Republicans killed the Alec Smith insulin bill. Republicans are terrified to deal with constituents about health care, Parent are responsible for handing down racism. Its not inherent, its been influenced on children. A teenager in Faribault is facing charges for a bias crime after he allegedly sprayed…

The Matt McNeil Show – June 5, 2019

Today’s show Matt uncovers the case of the arson at Bde Maka Ska, and lays out his plan for the individual found guilty. The Republicans try to take credit for past accomplishments, in this case, D-Day. Matt supports the new law giving the police the right to pull over slow drivers in the left lane…

The Matt McNeil Show – June 4, 2019

Today on the Matt McNeil Show Mat channels the late Joan Rivers and provides commentary on Trump’s recent white-tie debacle. Another highlight of Trump’s trip to England are all of the photo-ops he is NOT having, with even Boris Johnson refusing to be seen with the extremely unpopular president. Matt takes calls, is gifted the…

The Matt McNeil Show – June 3, 2019

Matt shares details about his wonderful summer weekend full of pleasantries contrasted with Hunter’s weekend of having his brand new car stolen. In audio obtained by the DFL, GOP Sen. Karin Housley claimed that Alec Smith "didn’t need to die" and that "he could have called his doctor" to get his $1,300 a month insulin…

The Matt McNeil Show – May 31, 2019

Matt speaks with Cliff Schecter as Matt and Cliff have a bit of a disagreement on how they interpreted Robert Mueller’s speech. Then on how the Democratic Party will fail in the long run if we don’t hold Trump accountable now.

The Matt McNeil Show – May 30, 2019

Matt takes a look at some claims by Rep. Nick Zerwas about the northstar commuter line. Then MN Senate Republicans appear to be getting blow back on not passing the emergency insulin bill. The ag economy continues to take more hits including the soybean market losing 9 billion dollars.

The Matt McNeil Show – May 29, 2019

Matt opens the show with the story of a Spirit Airlines traveler and his unwelcome smoking. Nick Zerwas, state legislator/whiner, lies about light rail construction. Jeff Stein Joins to speak with MAtt about Mueller’s latest explanations of his report and how Republicans’ strategies for 2020 will be shaped by how Democrats proceed with potential Trump…

The Matt McNeil Show – May 28, 2019

Matt expounds the phenomenon of dying for selfies atop Mt. Everest.  Then he discusses the competing mountain of taconite ore in Duluth’s harbor resultant from Trump’s trade “negotiations” with China. He closes the show discussing Veteran issues  and the struggles veterans face when dealing with the V.A.

The Matt McNeil Show – May 24, 2019

Matt talks about the latest Republican shenanigans at the legislature as they complain about transparency and won’t pass things like gun reform, funding for the census, and gay conversion “therapy” bans. Then Matt brings up how senate Republicans probably would help individual people who need emergency insulin but are comfortable denying care to “generic” people…