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It's our daily repartee from 4-5 PM. What does repartee mean? Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. And each day during our repartee we bring you the latest on Minnesota politics and interviews from news makers along with your calls. It's progressive radio without the pledge drives or tote bags!

Host schedule:
Monday - Doug Pagitt
Tuesday - Doug Pagitt
Wednesday - Hunter Hawes & Erik Nelson
Thursday - Brett Johnson
Friday - Richard Painter & Doug/Brett/Hunter

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Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 23, 2019

Hunter Hawes and Brett Johnson host the Repartee. Hunter airs his grievances about who and who was not selected to be at next week’s Democratic debates…specifically Mike Gravel. Also Randy in Coon Rapids calls in about immigration. And a discussion about Dennis Kucinich.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 22, 2019

Brett Johnson and Sam Turnberg host the Repartee. On tap: 7 current and former Senators say the regret Al Franken resigning. Did Franken’s resignation ultimately help or hurt Democrats in the 2018 elections? Affordable housing. The lack of attention it’s received on the campaign trail. Are landlords purposely driving up vacancies so they can convert…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 19 , 2019

Hunter talks about the media and its role helping the Republican Party spread that lie because they were afraid to be objective reporters and tell the truth to the American people. This is a form of political correctness, where political neutrality is privileged over facts. The GOP has been using this to tilt the playing…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 18, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes host the Repartee. On the show: The only two things that will erode Trump’s support are a tanking economy and an underage sex scandal (uh oh Jeff Epstein). Jim Hagedorn bans constituents he disagrees with from his office (snowflake), Laura Loomer visits a southern MN church (how Christian), Dean Phillips…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 17, 2019

On this MPR, Hunter and Erik arrive for Miercoles con los Muchachos. The discuss Trump’s racist tweets and take calls about the topic from listeners. Mike McIntee pocket dials in for an unannounced visit. Hunter details the progression of the Opiate Bill. And Epstein highlights the difference in prosecution faced by white vs. blue collar…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 16, 2019

We start today’s show on a lighter note with Hunter talking about bachelor fans being mad at KSTP for interrupting the Bachelor during severe weather. Then a conversation about how to call racism when you see/hear/experience it. And we take LOTS of your calls on the topic.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 15, 2019

Brett Johnson and Sam Turnberg are on today’s Repartee. Coming up: Are the left and the right really that far apart on immigration? Some scary stats on how bad rural farmers in MN and Wi are hurting Other local news including Klobuchar’s campaign struggles, MN pharmacies closing, Gazelka lying about the insulin bill

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 12, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes host today’s Repartee. We talk about: The Koch brothers are planning on backing a number of Democrats. Which 2020 MN races could see the Kochs back a DFL candidate? Apparently with nothing better to do, Trump triggers his followers to harass St. Louis Park city employees over the pledge of allegiance.…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 11, 2019

Traffic talk. Why do we get traffic jams? What can be done about them? A look at 494 and its constant backup problem. Women’s sports and why they should be treated equal and substidised like Men’s. case study on the WWE Women’s division and how well it has eolved and become as popular as the…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 10, 2019

Today’s Minnesota Progressive Repartee is hosted by Hunter Hawes and Erik Nelson. Hunter describes the machinations and plottings of the ghoulish founder of Home Depot. Are there any alternatives? A Minneapolis police officer is helping the homeless community cope with the recent heatwave. The UK ambassador to the US is pressured to resign. Epstein’s connections…