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It's our daily repartee from 4-5 PM. What does repartee mean? Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. And each day during our repartee we bring you the latest on Minnesota politics and interviews from news makers along with your calls. It's progressive radio without the pledge drives or tote bags!

Host schedule:
Monday - Doug Pagitt
Tuesday - Doug Pagitt
Wednesday - Hunter Hawes & Erik Nelson
Thursday - Brett Johnson
Friday - Richard Painter & Doug/Brett/Hunter

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Richard Painter Mueller Time on the Minnesota Progressive Repartee – April 5, 2019

Richard Painter and Doug Pagitt analyze what we know about the Mueller Report so far.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – April 4, 2019

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – April 3, 2019

Dpug welcomes Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin to talk about their tour coming to Minneapolis Friday called: Beating Guns: Hope for People Who Are Weary of Violence. Find event info at: Also Trump struggles to say “origins” and has no logic in deciding to cut funding to NGO’s in central America. And Doug…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – April 2, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes host the Repartee today. Coming up: We speak with Sara Garcia from the Center for American Progress about a piece she wrote on how the NCAA is poorly serving it’s black male athletes. Democrats are largely writing off CD8 in 2020. Why and is this a good idea? Rumors that #DougWardlow will reemerge…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – April 1, 2019

Doug is your Repartee host today and talks about the impacts of the Final Four coming to Minneapolis. Also Governor Walz signs a bill regarding changes to snow days for schools. And state Senator Jason Isaacson (SD-42) joins to talk about the Senate committee on banned bills that took place today.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – March 29, 2019

Paul Wallace joins to talk about Apollo 11. Weekly News quiz with Doug and Hunter.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – March 28, 2019

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – March 27, 2019

It’s a special presentation of “It’s Mueller Time” with Richard Painter. He and Doug Pagitt take a deep dive into AG Barr’s version of the Mueller Report, including his conflicts of interest, the collusion and obstruction of justice issues, and the obvious reasons we need the full report.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – March 26, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes are your Rapateers today. We talk about: Democrats being asked if they’re capitalists. How should they respond? Social media privacy bills at the #MNLeg, including one that would protect you from giving your employer access to your accounts. One of the few reasonable GOP state Senators, Scott Jensen (SD-47), works to lower…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – March 25, 2019

Doug hosts the Repartee and shares his thoughts on Barr’s Mueller Report and how he’s relived we have a President who apparently didn’t conspire with Russia.