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It's our daily repartee from 4-5 PM. What does repartee mean? Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. And each day during our repartee we bring you the latest on Minnesota politics and interviews from news makers along with your calls. It's progressive radio without the pledge drives or tote bags!

Host schedule:
Monday - Doug Pagitt
Tuesday - Doug Pagitt
Wednesday - Hunter Hawes & Erik Nelson
Thursday - Brett Johnson
Friday - Richard Painter & Doug/Brett/Hunter

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Minnesota Progressive Repartee – August 5, 2019

Brett Johnson and Sam Turnberg host today’s Repartee. We talk about: How using language like “infest” “rats” and “invasion” normalize hate, whether that’s the intentional or not. Also why we need to stop blaming “mental illness” for mass shootings. More numbers on the lack of middle class housing in Mpls and St. Paul What is…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – August 2, 2019

Hunter starts today’s show comparing Harding and Trump in terms of who was/is the first president. Also thoughts on the September debates coming up with Amy Klobuchar qualifying and if Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard might qualify.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – August 1, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes host the Repartee. On tap: In Brett’s unpopular weekly take he explains why he actually kind of likes John Delaney and Michael Bennett Why was CNN trying to revive the corpse that is the TPP? More proof the economy actually stinks: For the last 2 months in St. Paul there’s…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 31, 2019

Hunter Hawes and Erik host today’s Minnesota Progressive Repartee. Hunter discusses his belief that democrats should be willing to compromise on social issues in order to pursue economic justice. Then they take your calls to discuss the democratic debates.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 30, 2019

Hunter Hawes hosts today’s show and speaks with Rev. Dean J. Seal of Shepherd of the Hill Church in Chaska about their Tuesday dialogue tonight where they’re speaking with Jamil Anderson. She’s a nationwide diversity trainer and teacher and her presentation, Empathy and Equity, provides valuable tools for those who want to de-escalate racial tension…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 29, 2019

Today’s Repartee is a little different. Brett Johnson has Gregory Rich of Habitation Furnishing + Design and host of Drink in the Style (Sundays 5 PM) along with Dan Newkirk in studio. Gregory recently posed an interesting question about political talk shows and podcasts: Why are they always so negative? So today we change the…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 26, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes host today’s Repartee. We talk about: Scott Jensen, one of the last moderate/reasonable Republican state Senators, will not seek reelection in 2020 Amy Klobuchar’s “fun with numbers” Polling shows American are not actually scared of “socialism” The local corporate media is finally covering Glencore’s connections to Polymet The repoman is…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 25, 2019

On the show: Brett Johnson’s unpopular take of the day: Why Democrats might be better off with Trump winning in 2020 New polling shows voters aren’t all that scared of “socialism” Amy Klobuchar’s “fun with numbers” Dean Phillips has an official 2020 challenger Beyond the rhetoric, Ilhan Omar legislatively has actually accomplished quite a bit.…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 24, 2019

Today’s MPR is a Miracle Whip in your gazpacho with Hunter and Erik. Richard Painter Joins in to say that you can’t indict a sitting President. In the second half listener calls are taken discussing everything from Mossad-Epstein connections, the cultural gaslighting taking place to erase everyone’s understanding of the idiom’s 30 year history of…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – July 23, 2019

Hunter Hawes and Brett Johnson host the Repartee. Hunter airs his grievances about who and who was not selected to be at next week’s Democratic debates…specifically Mike Gravel. Also Randy in Coon Rapids calls in about immigration. And a discussion about Dennis Kucinich.