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It's our daily repartee from 4-5 PM. What does repartee mean? Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. And each day during our repartee we bring you the latest on Minnesota politics and interviews from news makers along with your calls. It's progressive radio without the pledge drives or tote bags!

Host schedule:
Monday - Doug Pagitt
Tuesday - Doug Pagitt
Wednesday - Hunter Hawes & Erik Nelson
Thursday - Brett Johnson
Friday - Richard Painter & Doug/Brett/Hunter

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Local Minnesota Radio Hour – September 7, 2018

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – September 6, 2018

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – September 5, 2018

Doug Pagitt speaks with Jake Faleschini, Director of the Courts Program with Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress, who attended the Kavanaugh hearing today. Also why voting for a DFL governor affects the state supreme court like a president affects the federal supreme court. Then Doug tries to figure out why Randy in…

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – September 4, 2018

Doug Pagitt talks about Amy Klobuchar’s comments from Sunday about regretting voting to get rid of the filibuster in 2013. Also thoughts on day 1 of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. And then an interview with CD2 candidate Angie Craig.

Angie Craig (CD2 Candidate)

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – August 30, 2018

Doug Pagitt and Hunter Hawes talk the state fair. Trump’s ethics and behavior. General Mills providing benefits to their employees and Donzel Leggett a General Mills VP is running for state house in Chaska.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – August 29, 2018

Doug and Brett talk about a MinnPost article that explains the ramifications of Minnesota losing a Congressional seat after the 2020 census. Also the city of St. Paul wants to eliminate library late fees…is that the right thing to do? And Steve Morse of the MN Environmental Partnership talks about local environment issues.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – August 28, 2018

Doug Pagitt and Brett talk about what Republicans fear a Democratic controlled House might investigate. Also should politicians become more personable when they campaign? And the importance of civic mindedness.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – August 27, 2018

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – August 24, 2018

Paul Wallace Astro-physicist talks about water on the moon.  Senator John Marty criticizes outgoing U of M President’s million dollar exit package.