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Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show

Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show

Saturdays 10AM - 11AM

The Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show focuses on topics concerning health, wellness, spirituality, emotions, and life issues from new perspectives.  It delves into the realm of healing together, as well as going beyond that, and moving into being the best versions of ourselves.

Conversations with Connie Bjerk and Michelle Kitsmiller from Awakened Living, an integrative health clinic located in Bloomington, MN, will span the gambit of topics in health and wellness, and include a movement into consciousness.  Everything in our lives affects how we feel.  Something that at times might be overlooked as an issue relating to health, can be very pertinent to the foundation of living a quality life.  Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show will discuss aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and invite you to ponder, meditate, and apply what you are hearing to create a profound life for yourself.  It is our mission to help shift perspectives and provide resources for individuals to seek, find, and master their own Divine, or healing path.

If you have a desire to live a life that is more than what you are currently experiencing, if you feel stuck, are experiencing health concerns, or are curious about ways to improve your life, this show will give you new perspectives, and steps to change your life.

Visit our website at www.awakenedlivinginfusion.com.


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2. New Perspectives on an Old Issue – Stress

Even though stress is an age-old issue, it is showing up in new and insidious ways. The silent and persistent invasion of stress in modern life will be discussed, as well as the male/female reactions to this very real threat. Come hear the ways stress may be infiltrating your life unawares on a day-to-day basis.

1. Up Close and Personal with Awakened Living Infusion

Join Connie and Michelle as they introduce themselves, and also talk about what this show will be about in the year ahead.  You will get to know about their personal journeys into their fields, and what their areas of expertise are.

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