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Richard Painter – (Local Minnesota Radio Hour 12/11/18)

Richard Painter joins to talk about the ethics of Trump as well as what he has been up to since running for US Senate.

Devils Advocate (Local Minnesota Radio Hour 12/4/18)

Am950 joins 1510AM Milwaukee WRRD to talk about the fiasco going on in Wisconsin!

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 11/21/18)

Robert Baril (Matt McNeil Show 11/20//18)

Robert Baril joins to talk about his headlining show this Thanksgiving weekend.

Trace Beaulieu (Matt McNeil Show 11/15/18)

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 11/7/18)

Hunter Cantrell (New MN-56A Rep)

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes speak with the newly elected house representative from district 56A, Hunter Cantrell. Cantrell is just 23 years old and he discusses how he was able to get elected at such a young age and what he wants to accomplish in the legislature.

Tane Danger (Matt McNeil Show 11/5/18)

Noah Johnson Grass Roots Legalize Cannabis Party (11/2/18)

Ellie Krug (Matt McNeil Show 11/2/18)