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Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 05/29/2019)

Ian Millhiser – MN Progressive Repartee – May 28, 2019

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 05/22/2019)

Trace Beaulieu (Matt McNeil Show 05/21/2019)

Senators Jim Carlson And Greg Clausen – 5/20/19

State Senators Jim Carlson And Greg Clausen join Alan Miller to talk about Sunday’s state budget agreement.

Jared Yates Saxton – May 7, 2019

Doug Pagitt spoke with Jared Yates Sexton, author of The Man They Wanted Me to Be. They discuss how toxic masculinity led to the rise of Donald Trump and Jared’s personal experiences growing up with father figures who had similar personality traits as Trump.

Cliff Schecter (Matt McNeil Show 05/06/2019)

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 5/1/2019)

Molly Beck (Matt McNeil Show 4/26/19)

Melanie Adams (Matt McNeil Show 4/25/19)

Melanie A. Adams is senior director, guest experiences & educational services at Minnesota Historical Society.