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Cliff Schecter (Matt McNeil Show 2/13/2019)

Paul Douglas (Minnesota Progressive Repartee 2/12/19)

Adam Duininck (Matt McNeil Show 2/5/19)

Matt McNeil speaks with Adam Duininck, director of government affairs for the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters. Matt discusses with Adam why his union endorsed a Republican candidate (Jason Rarick) in Tuesday’s special Senate district 11 election.

Molly Beck (Matt McNeil Show 1/31/19)

Alex Jones Calls The Minnesota Progressive Repartee – January 31, 2019

Hunter Hawes and Erik Nelson get a call from Alex Jones that the St Paul Winter Carnival is a false flag red herring about the government weaponizing the weather through HAARP.

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 1/30/19)

Jeff Stein talks national politics including Roger Stone and another possible government shutdown.

Andrew Yang (Democratic Presidential Candidate)

Hunter Hawes speaks with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Yang is an entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America. Its mission is “to revitalize American cities and communities through entrepreneurship” by training recent graduates and young professionals to work for startups in emerging cities throughout the United States. Hunter and Yang discuss his background…

Phil Wolgin – Minnesota Progressive Repartee (1/22/19)

Brett Johnson of the Minnesota Progressive Repparte spoke with Phil Wolgin, managing director immigration policy at the Center for American Progress. They tackled a big question that sometimes gets missed in the border wall debate. Do border walls actually work? They also talk about some of the poison pills that were put in the so-called…

John Heppen – Minnesota Progressive Repartee – January 17, 2019

John Heppen from The Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America’s Left Social Democrats Caucus joins to talk Socialism/Social Democracy

Philip Bither (Matt McNeil Show 1/8/19)