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Media Safari: Politics and the Current State of Terrestrial Radio – Podcasts – YouTube

Media Safari: Politics and the Current State of Terrestrial Radio – Podcasts – YouTube Why does the radio suck? Because of the telecommunications acts of 1996 which let Clear Channel buy virtually all the radio stations across the country. Now the FCC is considering loosening the rules even further allowing even more media consolidation. Podcasts…

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Mission Accomplishers – June 8, 2019

•Rodrigo Duterte says he ‘cured’ himself of being gay •Ex-NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. on trial for allegedly raping homeless woman, hitchhiker, unconscious teen •Man charged with body-slamming woman for unplugging PlayStation •Police: Man drives drunk to police headquarters to pick up woman charged with DWI •Boston is planning a ‘Straight Pride’ parade this summer…

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Mission Accomplishers – May 18, 2019

We read listeners feedback! Remember any feedback on Apple Podcasts we read on the air so give us a rating and let us know what you think of the show. Our review of Detective Pikachu. Looking back at the 2008 Election of Barack Obama vs John McCain. The history of the right wing hatred of…

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Mission Accomplishers – May 4, 2019

May the fourth be with you. Star Wars vs Fast and the Furious which is the better movie franchise? Avengers spoiled, Hunter doesn’t understand Marvel movies. The plot is too complicated. Sonic movie trainwreck or so bad its good? Detective Pikachu will do better at the box office than Avengers. Democratic Presidential debate observations. There…

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Senator Scott Jensen on Mission Accomplishers at the Libertarian Convention.

Senator Scott Jensen (Republican SD47 MN) appears on the Progressive talk radio show Mission Accomplishers hosted by Hunter Hawes & Erik Nelson. Recorded at the Libertarian Party State Convention April 27th, 2019. An example of reaching across the aisle in a contentious political environment, topics include political labels and ideology (Progressive, Conservative, Libertarian), Republican Party…

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Bernie Sanders & The Future Of Democratic Socialism in American Politics by Professor David Schultz

The Caucus of Left Social Democrats of the Twin Cities DSA hosts Prof. David Schultz from Hamline University on for a discussion on Bernie Sanders and the Future of Democratic Socialism in American Politics. Just as Bernie begins his 2020 campaign as the clear frontrunner of the Democratic Party primary race, Schultz will discuss the…

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Mission Accomplishers Libertarian Party Convention Edition – April 27, 2019

Broadcasting from the Minnesota Libertarian party state convention. We speak with Chris Holbrook current chair of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota and their 2014 Gubernatorial Nominee. State Senator Scott Jensen (R) SD47. Chris Dock current Senior Advisor for Libertarian Party of Minnesota, past state chair, executive committee member, and candidate for State Auditor and LT…

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Mission Accomplishers – April 20, 2019

The fellas address their listeners criticisms, try to make sense of the Zizek X Peterson debate (discussion), question the validity of the entire concept of debate, join the Logang, discuss their upcoming episode at the MN Libertarian Party convention, and expose their alignment with the Dark King of Moustache.

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Mission Accomplishers – March 30, 2019

Erik, sot of citrus, holds court. Has your drinking impacted your social life? Fish fries and Babel, pride and gluttony, gall and provoking god? White Castle Breakfast. Hunter betrays socialism for pop and the novelty techno of a masquerade bird-monger. Are shameful appetites compatible with a a society working to eradicate exploitation? Should someone use…

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